Southern Cone Under the British

   The British tried to conquer Buenos Aires twice (in 1806 and 1807) and failed miserably both times, in our world.  A century later, Argentina was said to have potential to fully develop, but it has not lived up to its potential since then.  

   What if the British had been successful in 1807?  And what if Argentina had realized its potential?  What would Argentina and Uruguay be like today?

Welcome to Auchmuty-Whitelocke World (AWW), named after two British generals who were instrumental in conquering the region.  AWW is a potentially real-life parallel universe where most of South America’s Southern Cone was colonized by the British from 1807 and is still in the British Commonwealth.  What results is a true Southern Hemisphere version of Canada minus the vast wilderness!  Throw all your expectations of Argentina and Uruguay, with all their problems of military juntas, hyperinflation, etc. out the window, because what you see in those countries on this website is overall much better than what you’ve been used to.  So sit back and relax!


   This site emphasizes differences between our world and AWW; therefore, things which are similar or the same between our world and AWW are often left out.  To check out more of AWW, please feel free to view any of the following pages: 


      Surrounding Countries in AWW

      Selected Major Cities of the Southern Cone

Note: The other major cities, like Tucuman and Salta, are similar in AWW to their counterparts in our world.

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